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An affordable and easier alternative to Microsoft  Small Business Servers, SBS 2003 and SBS 2008

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The Amazing SME Server: - Overview

A wonderfully easy, cost-effective, high-performance and reliable solution to:

    - replace or avoid Microsoft SBS2003 and SBS2008 - reduce costs
    - connect and control all your networked computers - increase efficiency
    - centrally manage shares, printers, security, scripts - reduce complexity
    - increase productivity of computers and people - increase profitability.

All in one highly efficient package:  The Amazing SME Server !

SME Server is a replacement for the highly popular Microsoft Small Business Servers:- SBS 2003 and SBS 2008, at a vastly lower cost point, but at a vastly higher performance point.

There are still very specific reasons to choose SBS2003 and SBS2008, but for over 90% over users and companies, SME Server will provide a highly satisfactory solution. Each has a few different features that may make one or the other more suitable to your needs.

We are SME Server certified, as well as Microsoft SBS certified, and will analyse your requirements, explain the differences and provide an effective solution with either SME Server or SBS2003 or SBS2008.

SME Server has won many awards as the world's leading open source server software for small and medium-sized enterprises

Exceptionally reliable and easy to use, SME Server can be installed and configured in less than 25 % of the time compared to SBS2003/2008 - yet it's powered by a secure  open source platform that's fully upgradeable and customizable. After installatiin, absolutely NO advanced experience is needed. Running on any standard PC, SME Server is a robust server capable of fully replacing those expensive Windows server licenses, and providing a full range of services - including e-mail, firewall, file and print-sharing, web hosting, remote access and more.

SME Server integrates easily with Windows, Macintosh, and Unix/Linux clients, and works within a Windows network environment. It's as simple to use as a server appliance, but unlike a "sealed-box" appliance the entire system is modular and extensible, so it can be expanded and tailored to the needs of individual businesses.

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