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An affordable and easier alternative to Microsoft  Small Business Servers, SBS 2003 and SBS 2008

Web Design

The Amazing SME Server:- As a Web Server

Using SME Server as a Web Server is a very cost effective and very fast solution to host your own website, more than website, or even thousands of websites. These websites could be for completely different domains.

This is where the real power of SME ibays  becomes clear. Just create a normal ibay and change one setting and you have a website-ready location.

Copy your website to this location, add one DNS record to SME, and that is it.

It is that simple.

One more amazing ability is to load a simple website monitoring tool (also free) and you can have the most amazing statistics about how well your website is doing.

These statistics will include number of hits, which browser was used, and even what key words were used in finding your website, and many more.

This will allow you to fine-turn and optimise your website for the best results.

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